SwitchDock 3.1.14

Use multiple docks at the same time


  • Lightweight and easy to access
  • Allows more than one dock
  • Features quick launching


  • Doesn't work with Tiger
  • Prone to some instability

I've installed so many applications on my Mac that the Dock is looking more than a bit overcrowded. It's got to the stage where I'm going to have to remove some, or get a bigger screen.

Or, I could install SwitchDock. SwitchDock lets you have your cake and eat it by allowing you to install multiple instances of the Dock. To access SwitchDock's application dock menu, Ctrl-click or click and hold the application icon in the dock. This allows you to choose from a handful of options, such as to create a new dock, quick launch certain applications, or remove a dock.

If you select to create a new dock, you'll be asked to give it a name. This is ideal for those who want to separate work applications from leisure applications, for example. You can then select certain applications that you want to quick launch and edit dock applications to your liking.

There's no complicated interface to master and SwitchDock is very lightweight, although it does seem prone to instability from time to time, especially when switching docks. Note also that there it is no support for Tiger.

SwitchDock is a lightweight and simple application for all those that find one dock simply isn't enough.

Quick launch menu now launches folders and URLs in the dock.


  • Quick launch menu now launches folders and URLs in the dock.

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SwitchDock 3.1.14

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